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Neko Fujinomiya (藤ノ宮 寧子, Fujinomiya Neko) is one of the main female characters introduced who falls for Masamune Makabe.


Neko is a beautiful girl with a tall and slim figure. She has thigh-length light-brown hair that has a single long hair strand tied with two small pink flower hair clips on the right side. She possesses light-brown eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye. Neko usually wears a small, silver cross necklace. Her school uniform consists of a long, dark navy top which is sleeveless and a blue bow with yellow stripes. She wears a plaid beige skirt which is fairly short. Neko does not wear undies at school due to her health concerns. She used to be overweight in her childhood, when she met Masamune Makabe a long time ago.


Neko appears to be a very kind, caring and understanding girl, especially towards Masamune Makabe. She is very gentle, well-mannered, considerate of others and is in love with Masamune, although she can be quite clueless sometimes. She also has a medical complication, for which she takes many pills and medications.

Neko is called the 'panty-less' girl by Aki Adagaki due to the times when Neko hadn't worn any underwear to school. She explains that a bit of stress keeps a person healthy, which is likely attributed to her medical conditions.


Neko is introduced after Masamune Makabe saves Aki Adagaki from being run over by a car where she comes out of the car and thanks God for her meeting Masamune. She claims to have met him elsewhere before, but Masamune doesn't recognize Neko at all. 


  • The name Neko means "rather, preferably, better, ning" (寧) (ne) and "child" (子) (ko). 
  • Neko's surname Fujinomiya means "wisteria" (藤) (fuji) and "temple, shrine, palace" (宮) (miya). 


  • Neko was overweight at the time when she met Masamune Makabe for the first time. As such, he does not recognize her when they meet during high school, similar to Masamune's situation with Aki Adagaki.
    • She is also the first kiss of Masamune.
  • Neko's favorite snack is ketchup, and she's used it before as to disguise her real bleeding as fake blood to not cause concern to Masamune.
  • Neko usually does not wear underwear to school because she enjoys, or needs, the sense of danger it causes.
  • Suzuko Mimori (Neko's voice actress) is currently married to Kazuchika Okada, the current IWGP champion. 
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