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Muriel Besson (ミュリ.エルベッソン, Myurieru Besson) is a young French student with a keen interest in the Japanese culture. Her brother, Frank Besson, is the boss of a Milieu, who spoils her very much.

During Masamune's trip to France, she uses him as her model of her hero, and Aki as the heroine. 


Muriel has medium length blonde hair that is usually tied up, and blue eyes. Her right eye is usually covered with a black eye patch, with a white rose symbol on the patch. She has a black tattoo on the upper left side of her back.


Muriel is an otaku, so naturally she's fanatic about Japan and its cultural activities, events and traditions. She also is obsessed over Love Comedies, and especially the ones that are about High School Students.



▪ She is more likely a fan of Japan than a otaku because when she saw " Masamune " the name in Japanese she know what is Masamune's name and she probably learn some history Of Japan and dress Masamune as a political leader of the history of Japan " Masamune Date " just because that Masamune has the same name as Date Masamune.

▪ As Masamune thought she is more likely a volleyball player that she has long arms, legs, and even torso.


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