Kojuro Shuri (朱里 小十郎, Juri kojūrō) is the best friend of Masamune Makabe. He attends the same school as Makabe and has an unrequited love for Neko Fujinomiya.


Kojuro Shuri is feminine looking boy. He wears hairpins on his side bangs, and he also wears a ponytail. He has light brown hair and pink eyes.


Kojuro is a gentle and caring friend. He seems feminine at first, but he is indeed a boy. He loves eating usually sweets and is really bad at school work as seen in a chapter of a test contest between Aki and Makabe.


Kojuro is seen talking to Masamune and offering him food.


  • Kojuro's eye color was changed from the manga to the anime, from blue to pink-ish.
  • Kojuro madly loves sweets.
  • Kojuro loves Neko Fujinomiya.
  • Kojuro is extremely bad at school works
  • Due to Kojuro's feminine appearance, most female haremettes in Masamume's class wanted to ship Kojuro with him, especially Futaba.. 
  • His first name and his friendship with Masamune may be a reference to the two samurai Masamune Date and his retainer Kojuro Katakura of the Date clan.


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