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Episode 8
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Title "It's Not You"
Kanji 君じゃないんだ
Romaji Kimi janai nda
Release Date February 23th, 2017
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Opening Wagamama MIRROR HEART
Ending Elemental World
"The Tsunade Island Incident" "It's Been Called Love and Affection"
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"It's Not You" (君じゃないんだ, Kimi janai nda), is the eighth episode of the anime adaptation, Masamune-kun no Revenge. It first aired in Tokyo on February 23th, 2017 by Silver Link.


Masamune suddenly gets a call from Aki on his cellphone. Masamune then realizes that the picture of him and Aki when they were children that was in his room is gone, and he’s certain that Neko is the one who took it. Masamune sneaks into Neko’s room to try to find out the truth, but is found by Neko. And then, Neko does something rather surprising...


Masamune does his training in his room, as Aki calles him on his phone. He initially thinks it could be a trap, but as he replies, Aki sounds very furious that he took so long.

He meets up with Yoshino in order to hear that one of his bags was found on the Tsunade Island where he forgot it.

Back at home, Masamune wants to do his homework. However, he realizes that Neko took his childhood photo away.

In a café, he meets Aki. He thinks about Neko and her reasons, which Aki doesn't find amusing since he doesn't talk with her. She heads off and leaves him alone. Neko calls him and tells him how Tae invited her to the public swimming pool and if he intended to come as well. He wants to know what she was doing right now and asks if he could visit her.

At her place, he excuses himself off to the toilet, but in reality he snoops around and wants to get the photo back. He is discovered by Neko shortly after in her room. He asks if she has taken the photo, which she responds with a yes. She mentioins how cute he looks on it and gets closer to him, wanting to kiss him.

He refuses, however, telling her his story of pain and that she wouldn't be serious about him, which is why he wouldn't choose her but Aki. She stays in her bed, crying.

The next day, the group meets up at the swimming pool and has some fun, but Neko didn't come. Some time, Yoshino calls him to talk about the things that happened at Neko's house.

As they leave the pool, Shido finds them and reveals that Neko is missing. She yells at Masamune how he couldn't have noticed her bad health condition.


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