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Episode 5
Title "Mysterious Cat"
Kanji ミステリアス・キャット
Romaji Misuteriasu kyatto
Release Date February 2nd, 2017
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Opening Wagamama MIRROR HEART
Ending Elemental World
"Clear and Present Danger" Attack! Battle Of The Home Visits
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"Mysterious Cat" (ミステリアス・キャットMisuteriasu kyatto), is the fifth episode of the anime adaptation, Masamune-kun no Revenge. It first aired in Tokyo on February 2nd, 2017 by Silver Link.


Masamune saves Aki as she was about to be hit by a car, when the mysterious beautiful girl who was riding in the car comes out and says that she was waiting to see Masamune and hugs him. A few days later, a girl named Fujinomiya Neko transfers into Masamune's class, and Aki's mood has been worse ever since...


The girl thanks God for the chance to meet Masamune again, but he doesn't recognize her. Her bodyguard named Shidou tells her that they are running late, so she leaves. After seeing this, Aki leaves upset, so the next day at school, Masamune buys food at the cafeteria and tries to bring it to Aki as an apology, but Yoshino attacks him with a gas pistol and prevents him from meeting with Aki. her while telling her that Aki ordered this for her. So Masamune tells him that he doesn't really know that girl from yesterday and Yoshino walks away, but he doesn't meet Aki and just leaves the food at the Gym Storage door.

Later, a new student transfers into his class and introduces herself as Neko Fujinomiya, who is actually the girl Masamune met. He tries to talk to her, but can't because of the girls surrounding her. Finally, he goes to meet her and her class representative tells him that Neko transferred to her school just for him, and Neko tells everyone that he helped her three years ago at Christmas. At that moment, Masamune realizes that he was a chubby kid three years ago and he really may be the boy that Neko is talking about.

Masamune grabs her hand and leads her out of the class. She asks why she lied about him, and he tells her that she already loves someone. Neko replies that she can't tell anyone the truth because he is embarrassing. She asks to know about the girl she loves, and Masamune takes her to Aki's class. Suddenly, a boy from that class opens the window and Masamune and Aki see that Neko is not wearing panties. Then, Aki leaves the class and Masamune chases after her. When he tries to stop her, she accidentally hits a teacher, who punishes them for loitering outside class by making them clean the pool.

Masamune throws water on Aki to provoke her and she tries to spill a bucket of water on him, but falls into the pool. It is then that Masamune believes that she is drowning, so he jumps into the pool to save her, only to discover that there is not enough water for a person to drown. Aki asks why she jumped into the water to save her when he's the one who didn't want to get wet. Masamune tells her that her body moves only because he loves her, so Aki asks him to prove it by kissing her.


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