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Episode 10
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Title "The New School Term Filled With Doubts"
Kanji 愛とも恋ともいうけれど
Romaji Ai tomo koi tomo iukeredo
Release Date March 9th, 2017
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Opening Wagamama MIRROR HEART
Ending Elemental World
"It's Been Called Love and Affection" "Snow White of the Yasaka Festival"
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"The New School Term Filled With Doubts" (愛とも恋ともいうけれど, Ai tomo koi tomo iukeredo) is the tenth episode of the anime adaptation, Masamune-kun no Revenge. It was first aired in Japan on March 9th, 2017.


Another Masamune appears in front of Aki named Gasou Kanetsugu. Summer break ends and Masamune continues his approach on Aki but he learns that he is Aki’s betrothed. Masamune sees that Aki’s attitude toward Kanetsugu is completely different from how she treats him, so he panics and goes to Yoshino to figure out what to do, but...


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