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A Virtuous Bomb (貞淑なる爆弾, Teishukunaru bakudan) is the ninth chapter of the Masamune-kun no 'Revenge manga series, written by Takeoka Hazuki and illustrated by Tiv, and published by Ichijinsha.


Masamune wants to find out how Neko knows him, but doesn't get much of a chance during break. Neko is surrounded by the rest of the female students in Class 2-B, who all want to get to know her. When Masamune decides to just impose himself on Neko, Tae confronts him on his past to why Neko transferred. Neko tells her story, which was a lie, and Masamune takes her out of the classroom to talk. While they are walking, Neko plays a small prank with fake blood using ketchup. While the two are alone, Masamune tells Neko that he likes someone else (Aki). Later Neko visits Aki and tells her she is lucky to have Masamune's love. A gust of wind enters the classroom just as Masamune walks to Class 2-A, and he sees Neko does not wear anything under her skirt.


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