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Right Now There's A Crisis Point There (今そこにある危機, Ima soko ni aru kiki) is the seventh chapter of the Masamune-kun no Revenge manga series, written by Takeoka Hazuki and illustrated by Tiv, and published by Ichijinsha .


Having told Masamune she loathes him, Aki runs off and subsequently skips school. Masamune is left confused when Yoshino pops up and tells him to leave it to her. However, he runs off looking for her to solve the issue his own way. Aki  has gone to a park to ponder about how he saw Masamune and Yoshino meeting each other the other day when she could not return the umbrella. Having seen the two meet, she feels jealous and believes Masamune to be lying about his feelings for her. Yoshino comes to Aki at the park and reveals about them meeting. She then asks if Aki also has feelings for Masamune, flustering the latter, before going back to school. A dumbfounded Aki goes back thinking about the situation when a car nearly hits her. Luckily for her, Masamune was there to grab her out of the way. Neko Fujinomiya, who was in the car, comes out to apologize for the near-accident, when she sees Masamune and embraces him. Meanwhile, both Masamune and Aki are confused by her sudden public display of affection.


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