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A Student's Duty is to Study (学生の義務は、研究することです, Gakusei no gimu wa, kenkyū suru kotodesu) is the fifth chapter of Masamune-kun no Revenge manga series, written by Takeoka Hazuki and illustrated by Tiv, and published by Ichijinsha. It is the first chapter of the second volume of the series.


Tae announces to class 2-B about the punishment of not scoring high enough on the upcoming assessment: extra lessons. This worries students, but the one most likely to receive punishment is Kojuro, who has yet to surpass double digits on his exams. Masamune decides to help his friend study to pass. He goes to library and unexpectedly sees Aki and Yoshino also studying. Aki questions Masamune's intelligence, and the two make a bet on who is smarter, based on the performances of Kojuro and Yoshino. Masamune makes signals to Yoshino to help him out, but she tells hime later she cannot. On exam day, Masamune is feeling good until after the break, when his stomach starts to hurt. He suspects Yoshino after she gave him something to drink, but finds out it was his mother's cooking. In the end, neither Aki nor Masamune passed and both ended up having to take supplemental lessons. 


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