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Yoshino's Magic Show (吉野さんのマジックショー, Yoshino-san no majikkushō) is the fourth chapter of Masamune-kun no Revenge manga series, written by Takeoka Hazuki and illustrated by Tiv, and published by Ichijinsha.


Masamune and Aki are going on their first date together, arranged by Yoshino. However, Aki shows up cosplaying a character from Futari wa Pretty Cure . She had taken advice from Yoshino to dress like that, unknowing that she was deceived. On their date, the two watch a scary movie (where Aki loses it) and then eat at a restaurant. A little girl asks about the costume, to the point where Masamune explains indrectly that Aki was deceived by Yoshino. When Aki goes to change into normal clothing, Masamune peeks on her accidentally when she screams. She hits him and he passes out; some time later he wakes up to see his head resting in Aki's lap, who has also fallen asleep. Masamune has a quick reflection about his plan when she wakes up and goes home. Masamune calls Yoshino and tells her about the day as he walks home. 


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