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The Simple Job of Exchanging Addresses (アドレスを交換するという簡単な仕事, Adoresu o kōkan suru to iu kantan'na shigoto) is the third chapter of Masamune-kun no Revenge manga series, written and illustrated by Takeoka Hazuki and published by Ichijinsha.


As Masamune realizes Yoshino was present during his childhood friendship with Aki, she asks about Masamune's revenge plan. Unexpectedly, she even decides to help him with it. The next day Masamune thinks about Yoshino's ulterior motive, and he fails to exchange contact information with Tae Futaba. He joins the beautification committee to get closer to Aki, but it fails. Later during the day, Tae confesses to Masamune but is turned down. Aki witnesses this, and Masamune tries to get her contact information. She leads the boy on a wild goose chase that ends with rejection - to which Yoshino saw and decides to help him get it.


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