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Chapter 30[]

Masamune and his classmate go on a field trip in Paris and bump into a French otaku named Muriel Besson, who wishes to become a manga artist. After realizing that they were Japanese, she was inspired by Masamune and Aki to create her own manga. At first, Masamune and Aki kindly reject her offer in assisting her but her brother butts in and blackmails them to. As they act out what a Japanese couple do in a love comedy, Masamune confesses to Aki. She rejects him, saying that she was still in love with the boy 8 years ago. Confused by Aki's story, he blames her angrily, saying it was her fault as she runs away.

Masamune visits the Adagaki mansion and runs into Yoshino. He tells her that what if she was telling the truth and that she wasn't the one who gave him the nickname. Yoshino eventually confesses that she was the one that gave him the nickname because she hated how much time Aki spent with him.